Kicking off 2018 with a walk down Pacific Avenue….or tossing the trees, why the Gettys are rich and a Purdue wreath.

A change for 2018. I’ll be posting even when I’m not on a Shirleyfest. No better time to start than January 2nd. A morning walk down my street yielded a strange site—Christmas trees on every corner tossed out for pick up.

On some corners, beautiful wreaths accompanied the tossed trees. This one was so pretty I was tempted to rescue it.

I reluctantly left the wreath and walked on. Trees everywhere, solo trees, and piles and piles of trees.

If Pacific Avenue was this tree-laden, I decided to turn the corner and check out the tree tossing on Broadway–Billionaire’s Row. I thought they must have even more elaborate tree trash. First, with an apology to my friends shivering on the east coast, I admire the view on this January day from the top of the Lyon steps.

What a surprise when I stop in front of the Getty mansion and see this tree they had tossed.

Seriously—-now I know why the Gettys are so rich. They used up ever ounce of this tree and got their moneys worth before tossing it. Walking on I spy an unusual wreath on the door of a house nearby.

It looks like some kind of football wreath. On closer inspection I see it is a PURDUE football wreath. As a Purdue alum who only days before witnessed Purdue beat Arizona in the Foster Farms bowl, I am delighted. I complete my loop and am relieved to see that not everybody tossed out their Christmas decorations when they tore off their calendar page.

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