London, England 2012

I am on the train home from Cambridge. Loved it. Great town. A young shopkeeper guided me to the center of town before going to work at Paul Smith. At the market I got a sweet scone at a place called Toms that was locally made. I saw the ostrich sandwich, but declined. Then I heard music from the church and I went and everyone was just going up for communion so I did too. Turns out it was Church of England, but I think God will understand. The minister was Anabel and there was also a minister name Roger. They came up to me after the service was over and we talked.  Roger was white-haired with the most kindly face. He said he was”Called”. I said that is what everyone hopes. I wandered about seeing all the colleges. I went over to the mathematical bridge and to Queens College.DSC02223

The river had punts on it-sort of Venice style–small boats. It didn’t seem appealing to do even on a hot day. I’d rather wander. I went to Magdelene College which was set up for a beautiful wedding. A nice young student told me about the Eagle Pub, where DNA was announced in 1953 and RAF pilots used to hang out there. It was very nice but very crowded. I got a half pint of Stella and finally set in the courtyard and ordered Sunday “roast”—that consists of popovers, pork, gravy, vegetables, mashed potatoes. A guy whose named Steve had been sitting on a bench and he came over and sat at my table. He has a girlfriend away in Mexico and he is a little mad at her so he came over to flirt with me. We had a lot of fun because he told me all the things you shouldn’t say that the English will make fun of. They hate when you say aluminum or spunky. (He later texted me about a few more things but obviously the girlfriend must’ve gotten home so he stopped.) I went after I arrive in London to Saint Pancras station. I met Kevin there at a bar called the Betjeman Arms. A group of lads were at the table also and they were very witty. They did a magic trick with two shot glasses a coaster whiskey, water and a large glass. We played the 10 countries game. Everyone had such a good time. Then we left to go to Olympic Park for the closing ceremonies of the Special Olympics. We took the fast train. It was very well handled. We got right in. It was a wonderful 80,000 person stadium.

DSC02325Two women from Estonia set next to me. They were very polite and very sweet. The pageantry of  the ceremony was amazing. The athletes , many in wheelchairs, were down on the field. Coldplay was doing a performance and did song after song. After that balloon women came down from the sky. The volunteers were also there and they were in a play that was on the field and Kevin son Alex was part of the volunteer Corps. Rihanna then performed in an amazing orange dress. She was running from number to number putting on her fur coat in between songs and then she would swing out on a huge swing to the stage for another number. Wonderful fireworks after.  Probably the best of Ive ever seen. At the end Kevin and I tried to catch up with Anna and Alex but we didn’t. I took the subway home with loads of happy people and got home at 1:30 AM.