Berlin, Germany 2013

I landed at 7 AM. It was easy and fast to get the luggage and go through security.  The car and driver I hired was nowhere to be found. I finally found him. His name is Hana and he had a droopy sign. It was a half hour to the apartment and Jurgensen was there waiting for me. He is a blond fun guy with spikey hair. He thoroughly explain the workings of the apartment and  we made a schedule for him or his boyfriend to clean every week. I had to leave until 11 AM so he could clean so I just started walking. The neighborhood is great! Leafy and green and clean. I went to the organic grocery store/coffee shop literally across the street.

I had a cappuccino and a roll outside. I chatted with the man about the aggressive birds. Just when I turn to coo coo a cute baby 4 birds carry my roll away. Now that’s a low-carb way to diet! I walk to Alexanderplatz to get a Sim card for my European phone. I had tried other stores but finally found one at the Oxygen store. The blonde young girl when I ask her to help me says “you must try yourself” not mean but somehow it demonstrate the difference between our cultures. Even when I said “I don’t see where it goes in the phone”, she said “still, you must try.”

I walked back to the apartment and unpacked. I like it a lot. It is modern, clean, enough space for everything. I got organize which I really like to do right away and I tried to rest but I couldn’t. I walked more on my street and then I took a shower. The water floods the floor so I squeeze it all out with the tool that was left. I got dressed and went over to Wanke for dinner–a place that brews their own craft beer. Actually the name is something else but the sign says Wanke because that’s the owner’s name so that’s what I call it. I had gone there in the afternoon and the girl who is also the owner was so nice and it was so cute that I decide to come back. You go downstairs if you want to sit inside but I decided to sit outside. This is because I had noticed a few people that were sitting outside and it looked like fun. So I took my little tapas and beer outside. Right away after I remarked out loud “oh I’m moving to the cool people area”, a guy said “are you alone?” “Would you like to join us?” So I did. Their names were Alex and G and they were from London. We talked about Berlin, London,  movies (Woody Allen), politics and food. Very fun. Lots of laughing. Alex works in the media area of a union group and G is a former investment banker. He asked to be made redundant and now is at liberty. So confident! He knows he will get a job but he is enjoying traveling for now. I had little sausages with sauerkraut and what they call meatloaf it is morepressed meet with mustard sauce. Finally I paid €12. I walked my street once more and went to bed. I’m going to like Berlin. I just know it in my bones.