I’m up early and decide to go nearby for breakfast and write a post. As I sit here wondering what my title and leading picture will be, my order arrives. So beautiful, like everything I’m experiencing in this magical city that I have my lead for this post–Beauty! The food, the art, the buildings and the people all conspire to create beautiful experience, not just for the visitor, but as an assumption for how to live well.

Yesterday I took the U4 out to Mayer Am Pfarrplatz. This is where Beethoven lived and had most of his meals. It is now a winery, wine garden and restaurant. Even tho the weather was rather gloomy, somehow the square looked gorgeous. Many locals were inside having the 3 course daily special for lunch so I did the same.

This is a 17 euro daily special, yet so beautiful and amazing in taste. The main course is a refined version of a Syrian dish I make at home, Yubrûk, but with a tangy sauce and one big cabbage roll rather than several smaller ones.

The little wine garden next to the restaurant will be filled starting in early evening as people come to taste the new wines produced at the well known winery.

Public transportation makes it easy to whiz back to the center of town, where I decide to go to the Albertina museum. It houses 65,000 drawings, and a huge collection of art by among others, Picasso, Monet, Thöny and Cezanne. It also contains the Habsburg Staterooms which are opulent beyond belief. Apparently on the ledge next to the ceilings, 250 candles would be lit for a party and the party lasted until the last candle went out. I’m thinking of adopting that idea when I get home.

The staterooms are also where you find the famous 1502 painting titled the Young Hare, by Dürer. The technique and lighting on the piece are masterful for that period of time.

More art, food and beauty in the next post. But this is fashion week in Vienna and I’m heading over to the Museum Quartier to check that out. I’ll be going via my trusty Citybike. Something Vienna has made absolutely easy for everyone to use.

Before I go, perhaps just one more beautiful food picture of the cake made famous in Vienna–the Sacher Torte. I had this at the Hotel Sacher when MJ and Kathie visited me this week.

Speaking of MJ and Kathie’s visit, the subject of beauty must include a picture of my beautiful sister and beautiful friend who have regularly come to visit me on my Shirleyfest.

Until next time-Prost!

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