48 hours into Montreal….trés bien!

I think this pretty much sums up the 48 hours.  IMG_0525But you expect a little more detail probably.  I arrived without any problem to my lovely apartment in Vieux-Montreal–the old part of town near the water. It is always  a bit scary before I open the door for the first day of Shirleyfest. Will it measure up to the pictures online? I am happy to report that this one exceed my expectations. It is a very old stone building and  looks out on cobblestone streets and people riding by in horse and buggies. Inside tho it is very modern with a lovely kitchen.IMG_0393Too early to cook for people tho and I head out for my first dinner—at Le Serpent– a  walk away where I sit at the bar and enjoy conversation with Ann the bartender, a couple who left 6 kids at home and are in town for some ‘clubbing” and a very nice Parisian fellow on my right in town for business. Great meal and a good walk home. Day 1 not too shabby.

Day 2:   I always like to get a good walk in first thing and today after solving some internet problems and stocking up on some critical groceries–wine, water, coffee, I headed out to rent a bike for 30 days and buy a 30 day metro card. Then I’m off to Jean- Talon outdoor market. Loads of fresh produce and the market is ringed with food trucks and little stands where you can buy everything. I go for the “grilled cheese” from Qui Lait Cru. SOOOO good.IMG_0411But I am here not to down prepared food, but to buy fresh produce so I stock up a bit. The market is beautiful and the produce perfect. Don’t you want to buy these?IMG_0418Now I am ready to bike home on my Bixi bike. I put my purchases in my basket and head thru Little Italy and it is about a 45 minute bike ride home. Relax a bit and decide to try to go to dinner at Foxy– a very hot new restaurant that I am unable to make reservations in advance as they are “booked up”. Not to worry. I manage to get in and enjoy an Aperol Spritz and a lovely dinner of melon and tomato salad, smoked pork ribs and yams with cartelized red onions. The bartender is Renaud and reminds me of Elmer from Tony’s back home. He and the front of the house, Corinne, and I make plans to go to lunch this week at the sister restaurant Olive et Gourmando. Day 2 also not shabby.

Saturday. I am up early and reserve the last spot available for the 9:30 bike tour with Fitz and & Follwell. I bus over there and meet up with a group of friends traveling together and we head off with Tom our guide. A really spectacular ride though the city with stops at McGill University, the cultural center, the old port, the Plateau neighborhood and much more. I learned a lot, got some exercise and had fun. One of our last stops was to see these wonderful houses. I think they are Montreal’s version of San Francisco’s painted ladies.IMG_0508

Once home I hear about a food festival at the clock tower quay which isn’t that far from me. I head over there and it is amazing. Al kinds of food to sample and the people watching is quite fun. The sign I started this post with is at the entrance.   I decide to climb the clock tower which is actual a monument to WWI soldiers ( why? Because it is there)IMG_0547

I get some great photos at the top and now it is time to head back to my flat. I am amazed by how many brides I pass on the short walk home–I think I counted 5 wedding parties. This was my favorite.IMG_0554Bon Soir until the next post.

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